The Team Relay Race by national team

You all registered for the 2017 World Championships next week in Albi.  On Friday August 25th, 5 p.m , in the historical center of Albi, there will also be a team relay race  per national team of 4 riders having the following members

  • One female rider any age
  • One male rider any age
  • One male/female over 40
  • One male/female over 50

All riders must do 3 laps in the city center before entering the relay zone to make the relay to the next rider in the team.  The course is 2km long (see

We allow a maximum of 25 teams of which 5 French teams (or more if we don’t get to 20 foreign teams).

All riders must wear the same national team jersey representing their nationality.  The event won’t be an official World Championship with rainbow jerseys but the top 3 teams will be awarded with UCI medals.

If you would be interested to form a team, please provide the four names, dates of birth and email addresses via

The registrations can also be done on place at the race office until Friday 25th, at noon.

At least one member of the team must attend the team relay briefing on Friday 14h at the race headquarters to follow the explanations and set up the start order per team.  It’s also possible to register an additional team on spot at that moment.

For your information : you can download the riders guide via and check the status of your registration on


Images: Start and Award ceremony of the Team Relay Race in Perth 2016