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Cycling for all, health, secure, responsibility and sustainability in Albigensian territory

The city of Albi is an area recognized for its sustainable development and biodiversity.

The Agenda 21 has been recognized by the Ministry of Ecology, the Episcopal city management plan was submitted to the Unesco, and it has been mobilized for the realization of an energy and climate plan.  Its biodiversity is remarkable.

True to these commitments the city of Albi wants to host the Granfondo UCI world championships in 2017 as a pilot operation of the program.


In this context the World Championships 2017 UCI Granfondo will help to promote :

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Promoting eco responsible behavior of contestants and organizers

Consider the environment at all stages of the event

Fight against harmful practices: doping and unhealthy practice

Promoting cycling as a positive health factor

For the world championships without accident (participants, organizers, spectators)

Through a bike learning program for all ages and especially for children through animated actions, education and training.


By this action the Organizing Committee of the World Championships and the city of Albi wish to:

  • Publicly commit to a sustainable cycle : By defining and communicating on its Corporate Social Responsibility, by implementing an action plan and creating accountability through recognized standards.

  • Promoting sustainable bicycle and participants of sustainable bicycle : To expand beyond its own initiatives, its action to the whole world of cycling.

  • Ensuring benefits of bicycle use in Albigensian territory: be it infrastructure, economic flows, the social dimension that must provide activities

  • Adopt sound economic behavior : To ensure a sustainable economy, concerned about respect for human rights (volunteers and employees) and in the context of fair trade relations.

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