L'Albigeoise qualifying event

L'Albigeoise 2017

Welcome to all visitors of the Albigeoise website interested in our French and international event of 2017: 
The Albi Gran Fondo UCI World Championships.
The link is made, of course, with the l’Albigeoise because, by design, UCI Albi project in 2017, we wanted to build on the Club Albi Velo Sport and the experience of two decades of the l’Albigeoise to prepare this World Championships of 2017. 

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Road Race, 97 Kms

The 97 kms circuit has an undulating profile after Labastide de Lévis at 10 km. A natural selection will happen with the consecutive climbs after Cahuzac sur Vere, then after Cordes and the famous climb du Moulin de Julien. The finish on the Albi Motor Racing Circuit will award the best women of 2017, as well the men over 60.