Russian Government Proposes Ban on Crypto Mining in Residential Areas

• Russian presidential advisors on the Energy Committee of the State Council have proposed a ban on cryptocurrency mining in residential zones.
• Anton Tkachev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies, and Communications, thinks it’s a good idea to prohibit mining in residential areas and energy-deficient regions.
• The State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, is presently debating legislation designed to regulate mining activities.

Crypto mining in residential zones of Russia might face a ban soon, according to reports from local media. The proposal was put forth by the Energy Committee of the State Council, and there is already a growing consensus that this ban could make the community safer from fires. Anton Tkachev, who is a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies, and Communications, believes that this ban is necessary in order to ensure energy security in the smaller communities which lack the resources to properly maintain and repair their energy infrastructure.

The risk of fires starting in private residences due to the mining equipment is another factor that has been highlighted. This is why the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, is currently debating legislation that would regulate the mining activities in the country. This would be a major shift for the country, as many regular Russians have been using crypto-related activities as a side hustle due to the lack of regulation.

The committee’s minutes from mid-December indicate that the experts on energy and the digital economy will be discussing the issue in detail in the near future. This means that the ban could be implemented soon in an effort to protect the residential areas from the dangers of crypto mining. It remains to be seen how this will affect the crypto mining industry in Russia, but it is clear that the government is taking steps to ensure the safety of its citizens.

Ripple Appoints Monica Long as President, Propelling Growth and Innovation

1) Ripple has announced the appointment of Monica Long as its new President.
2) Monica Long has been with Ripple since 2013, and has been an instrumental part in the development of the Ripple ecosystem and the introduction of On-Demand Liquidity (ODL).
3) Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse referred to Long as one of the most renowned figures in the crypto industry and praised her for helping lead Ripple to a strong point of development and financial health.

Ripple, a cryptocurrency firm, has announced the appointment of Monica Long as its new President. Monica Long has been a part of Ripple since 2013, and has been an instrumental part in the development of the company’s ecosystem and the introduction of On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), which is now used in 40 countries across several continents.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented on the appointment saying, “At a time when crypto was barely a blip on the radar, she was in the trenches establishing Ripple as a responsible leader in the crypto industry.” Long has been credited for helping lead Ripple to a very exceptional point of development and financial health.

In the press statement, the company acknowledged Long’s role in their success during several crypto winters and hurdles in the market. Even when Ripple was just starting out, with only ten people on staff, Long was with the firm and has since then supported the company through its meteoric growth.

Long expressed her excitement and enthusiasm for the new role and stated, “There is no product or company quite like Ripple and I am proud to be leading this amazing team of professionals.” She also went on to add that she is looking forward to continuing to build the Ripple ecosystem and “driving the continued momentum and innovation that Ripple is known for”.

Monica Long has a strong background in the financial industry, having previously held executive roles at PayPal and IBM. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, as well as a clear vision of how to move Ripple forward.

Ripple has been on a steady trajectory of growth since its founding in 2012, and this new appointment is expected to push the company to even greater heights. With Monica Long at the helm, Ripple is sure to achieve even greater success in the coming years.

Traditional Finance Faces Uncertain Future Due to Crypto Technology Adoption

• Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, recently predicted that traditional finance will undergo catastrophic consequences due to its lack of adoption of crypto technology.
• The TradeFi institutions have reduced their commitments to cryptocurrencies in response to the massive downfall of the crypto domain in 2022.
• In 10–20 years, Zhao believes that traditional financial players will be left behind in terms of adoption of crypto technology.

Traditional finance is facing an uncertain future due to their lack of adoption of crypto technology, according to Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. In a recent tweet thread, CZ predicted that traditional finance is likely to have catastrophic consequences due to their failure to keep up with the rapid progress of crypto technology.

The fall of certain crypto projects in 2022, such as Terra Labs, Voyager Digital, Celsius Network, Alameda Research, and FTX, has prompted the TradeFi players to take a step back from crypto adoption. This has caused a challenge for traditional financial players to embrace crypto technology, leaving them behind in terms of adoption. CZ believes that the failure of certain cryptocurrency projects during the previous year will have existential consequences for TradeFi institutions in 10–20 years.

The impact of the few failed crypto projects last year was felt by the crypto industry, resulting in a hesitation to adopt the technology. However, Zhao is optimistic that the industry is already beginning to recover and will continue to do so in the future. He is hopeful that traditional financial players will eventually learn to embrace crypto technology and take advantage of the numerous benefits it has to offer.

Overall, Changpeng Zhao’s expectations regarding traditional finance has put the spotlight on the importance of the crypto industry. It is clear that the future of finance will largely depend on the adoption of crypto technology, and the TradeFi institutions should take this into consideration in order to stay competitive and remain relevant in the years to come.

Beware the XRP Scam: Don’t Fall for False Investment Schemes

• A recent news about a clone of the XRP token called the RP Classic (XRPC) has been grabbing the attention of investors.
• XRP has had several cases of people posing as Ripple-associated entities and enticing users with false money-making investment schemes.
• Recently, the XRP scam was also advertised on the official Twitter account of GOL TV, an American Sports Broadcaster.

Recently, the crypto world has been abuzz with the news of a clone of the XRP token, called the RP Classic (XRPC). This has been grabbing the attention of a number of investors, who are not aware of the suspicious activities of the XRPC token.

XRP, or Ripple, has had several cases of people posing as Ripple-associated entities and enticing users with false money-making investment schemes that are not backed by authorized contracts or regulatory supervision. These types of scammers usually approach users by wrongfully impersonating Ripple Chief Executive Officer Brad Garlinghouse. The fraudsters present an attractive investment opportunity such as doubling one’s money, but after the victims accept the offer, they are left with no recovery of money and no way to retrieve it.

This XRP scam has been making its way to a number of platforms at an international level, and recently, it was even advertised on the official Twitter account of GOL TV, an American Sports Broadcaster. This news has caused a great deal of alarm and confusion among crypto participants, as it demonstrates how far the scammers are willing to go to target unsuspecting victims.

To protect themselves from becoming victims of XRP scams, investors should always be aware of the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. They should also do their own due diligence before investing in any token and should always double-check any information they receive from unknown sources. Additionally, investors should also keep their crypto wallets secure and never share their private keys with anyone.

In the end, investors should always remember that there is no such thing as a free investment and that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

Winklevoss Twins Threaten Legal Action Against Digital Currency Group

• Cameron Winklevoss, CEO of the Gemini trading platform, has threatened to file a lawsuit against Genesis Global and its parent company, the Digital Currency Group.
• The threat follows the bankruptcy filing of two of Genesis’ subsidiaries and the refusal of the Digital Currency Group to offer its creditors a fair deal.
• Cameron and his twin, Tyler Winklevoss, have been vocal about Genesis’ complacency in settling Gemini Earn customers, claiming that Barry Silbert and the Digital Currency Group are using stalling tactics to avoid paying the $900 million owed to its Earn customers.

Cameron Winklevoss, the CEO of the popular cryptocurrency trading platform Gemini, has threatened legal action against Genesis Global and its parent company, the Digital Currency Group, after the firm filed for bankruptcy involving two of its subsidiaries.

The filing has been met with outcry from the Winklevoss twins, who have been vocal about the Digital Currency Group and its owner, Barry Silbert, for their complacency in settling Gemini Earn customers. The Earn program offers rewards to users who subscribe to the product. Unfortunately, these customers have been unable to access their funds as Genesis closed withdrawal for the program.

Cameron Winklevoss took to Twitter to share his outrage, claiming that the Digital Currency Group has been avoiding offering its creditors a fair deal. He believes that this lawsuit will afford the firm to recoup the funds they are owed.

In the wake of this news, Cameron and Tyler have been actively seeking a resolution to the issue. They have urged the Digital Currency Group to come to the table and negotiate a fair agreement. They have also been reaching out to their customers, the Earn subscribers, to explain the situation and offer reassurance that they are doing their best to resolve it.

The twins have also been vocal in their criticism of the Digital Currency Group’s handling of the matter. They have expressed their disappointment in the firm’s lack of transparency and their refusal to offer a fair deal to the creditors.

It remains to be seen how this situation will play out, but for the Winklevoss twins, this is about more than just money. It is about standing up for their customers and fighting for what is right. The twins hope that their efforts will bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved.

Paytm Shares Plunge 8.8%, Ant Financial Likely Seller in Block Deal

• Paytm shares have declined 8.8% following the sale of 19.20 million shares.
• The likely seller in the Paytm block deal is Alibaba Group affiliate Ant Financial.
• The recent decline in Paytm shares marks the steepest plunge since November 22nd.

Paytm, a digital payments and financial services platform, has seen its stock decline markedly after a shareholder offloaded 19.20 million shares. On Thursday, Paytm shares suffered an 8.8% decline following a series of block deals recorded by parent One97 Communications Ltd. It is believed that the likely seller in the Paytm block deal is Alibaba Group affiliate Ant Financial.

Reports state that the monetary value of the recent sale is around $125 million and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) reportedly advised Alibaba on the deal. The company’s stock was trading at Rs 528 a share as of press time and it was trading down 5% from its previous close on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). As of September last year, Ant Financial held 164.42 million shares, or a 24.88% stake, in Paytm.

The recent decline in Paytm shares marks the steepest plunge since November 22nd. Before this development, the company’s stock had accrued 15% since December 26th. Paytm had been trading higher in the past few weeks and the stock had seen a 15% jump since December 26th.

Analysts have attributed the decline in stock market to the sale of Paytm shares. According to reports, the sale of 19.20 million shares has created a supply shock in the markets, leading to the sharp decline in Paytm’s stock. While this has had a negative impact in the short-term, the long-term outlook for the company remains positive.

Paytm has been one of the leading digital payment platforms in India, and the company has been expanding its offerings in the financial services space. The company is focusing on diversifying its business and enabling financial inclusion with the help of technology. The recent decline in Paytm’s stock is unlikely to affect the long-term prospects of the company.

Ubisoft Shares Drop 20% After Delay, Cancellations and Poor Sales

• Ubisoft’s shares have dropped 20% after the company announced the delay of its game “Skull and Bones” and the cancellation of three other projects.
• The delayed game, unannounced game cancellations, and disappointing sales all contributed to the bad news.
• The company also plans to “depreciate around €500m of capitalized R&D” as a result.

Ubisoft, a French video game publisher, has seen its shares plummet 20% after the company released some bad news. The company announced the delay of its game “Skull and Bones” and the cancellation of three other projects. The game, which was due for release on the 9th of March, will now have no specific date and is expected to launch anytime between April 2023 to March 2024.

As a result of the bad news, the company also plans to “depreciate around €500m of capitalized R&D”. The three projects that have been canceled are yet to be named by Ubisoft. This is in addition to the disappointing sales figures seen by the company which have further contributed to the declining share price.

The postponement of the Skull and Bones game is a major setback for the company and its shareholders. This is due to the huge amount of resources that have been invested in the game. Ubisoft will now have to focus on their existing brands and live services in order to make up for the losses.

The French video game publisher has seen a lot of success in recent years, but the latest news has been a major blow. It remains to be seen how the company will recover and if the share price will stabilize. For now, it looks like the company is in for a rocky period ahead.

eToro: Revisões 2022

Vamos dar-lhe a nossa opinião sobre eToro, uma plataforma de comércio social que se encontra actualmente em 238 territórios e que tem mais de 10 milhões de utilizadores em todo o mundo. Quer saber mais? Continue a ler!

💰 Depósito mínimo £200
💻 Plataformas Plataforma de Negociação Social Proprietária
💳 Métodos de depósito Paypal, cartão de crédito, Skrill e transferência bancária
🏠 Fundação 2006
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75% das contas de retalho CFD perdem dinheiro

Abaixo pode ler uma revisão completa, guia e tutorial sobre eToro e todos os benefícios da sua utilização a partir de hoje.

Para saber mais sobre o sistema CopyTrader™, os Investidores Populares e para ver os fantásticos retornos que conseguem, visite:

O que é o eToro e como funciona em 2021?

O eToro é muito mais do que um corretor convencional, pois tem uma plataforma de comércio social única no mundo. Através dela podemos copiar outros comerciantes usando a plataforma e copiar as suas transacções directamente para eles de uma forma totalmente automatizada – pode fazer transacções enquanto dorme e de forma totalmente automática!

Se isso não for suficiente, também tem a possibilidade de comprar acções em dinheiro e recolher os seus dividendos no eToro ou de comprar moedas criptográficas reais e poupá-las para as vender mais tarde ou transferi-las para a sua carteira. Para além de tudo isto, também podemos negociar CFDs sobre estes activos e negociar para baixo e ganhar dinheiro se o preço descer. Tem tudo!

7 Razões para se inscrever no eToro

A seguir, vamos delinear o que pensamos serem as maiores vantagens de negociar com o eToro.

1. eToro é fiável
Quando se deposita dinheiro com um corretor é muito importante verificar quem está por detrás dele para evitar a fraude. Com o eToro não terá quaisquer problemas deste tipo, uma vez que é regulado por organismos oficiais como o CySEC, FCA e ASIC.

Está também regulamentado para oferecer moedas criptográficas nos Estados Unidos e está a trabalhar para poder oferecer também o resto dos seus bens. É de notar que para um corretor poder operar nos Estados Unidos deve seguir um controlo muito rigoroso, pelo que isto é muito positivo a ter em conta.

revisões etoro 2019
Depósito mínimo


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75% das contas de retalho CFD perdem dinheiro
2. Copie os ofícios de outros comerciantes – você escolhe-os!
Uma das principais vantagens do eToro é a capacidade de copiar outros comerciantes, vendo os seus resultados históricos. Tenha em mente que há pessoas que estão com o eToro há muitos anos e nós poderemos ver os seus lucros durante anos. Isto é feito com apenas um clique e cada vez que o comerciante fizer uma transacção, faremos também uma transacção com a nossa própria conta e de uma forma totalmente automatizada.
Também podemos copiar mais do que um comerciante e atribuir uma % do montante total do nosso dinheiro em eToro a cada comerciante.

etoro com

Se for bom, pode obter uma cópia dos seus negócios.
Pode ser um negociante muito bom, mas pode não ter muito capital. É por isso que as pessoas podem ver os seus lucros e decidir copiá-lo. Pode ganhar dinheiro dependendo de quantas pessoas o copiam e de quanto capital total tem, há até uma hipótese de que, se for bom, possa ser apresentado como comerciante na página inicial do eToro.

Cathie Wood prognostiziert 500.000 Dollar Bitcoin-Preis in 5 Jahren

Cathie Wood, CEO von Ark Invest, hat eine gewagte Preisprognose für Bitcoin abgegeben und auch Ethereum gelobt.

Cathie Wood hat vorausgesagt, dass sich der Bitcoin-Preis verzehnfachen und in 5 Jahren 500.000 Dollar erreichen wird. Die kühne Vorhersage traf die Geschäftsführerin von Ark Invest während eines Gesprächs mit dem CNBC-Moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin auf der SALT-Fintech-Konferenz in New York am 13. September. Auch das Litecoin kaufen wird immer interessanter gestaltet.

Sie fügte hinzu, dass diese Vorhersage davon abhängt, dass Unternehmen und institutionelle Anleger ihre Portfolios diversifizieren, indem sie 5 % in Bitcoin investieren.

“Wir glauben, dass der Preis das Zehnfache des heutigen Stands erreichen wird, also statt 45.000 Dollar über 500.000 Dollar.”

Die Finanzchefin fügte hinzu, dass, wenn sie nur eine Kryptowährung halten könnte, es Bitcoin wäre, “weil die Länder es jetzt als gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel betrachten”, aber Ether erlebt eine explosionsartige Entwicklung.

60:40 Aufteilung

Cathie Wood ist auch optimistisch für Ethereum, das seit Jahresbeginn um 360 % gestiegen ist. In Bezug auf das zukünftige Engagement des Unternehmens in Kryptowährungen sagte sie, dass Ark wahrscheinlich eine Aufteilung von 60 % Bitcoin und 40 % Ethereum haben wird.

Wood fügte hinzu, dass das Unternehmen nun, da der Übergang zu Proof-of-Stake begonnen hat, viel mehr Vertrauen in Ethereum hat. Das dezentrale Finanzwesen sei ebenfalls interessant, vor allem wegen seiner Fähigkeit, das traditionelle Finanzwesen zu stören.

“Ich bin fasziniert von dem, was in der DeFi vor sich geht, die die Kosten der Infrastruktur für Finanzdienstleistungen auf eine Art und Weise zusammenbrechen lässt, von der ich weiß, dass die traditionelle Finanzindustrie sie im Moment nicht zu schätzen weiß.”

Sie zeigte sich zuversichtlich, dass Kryptowährungen nicht zu Tode reguliert werden, da keine Regulierungsbehörde für die Verhinderung des nächsten großen Fintech-Durchbruchs verantwortlich gemacht werden möchte.

Bitcoin- und Ethereum-Kursausblick

Die Märkte haben sich heute etwas erholt, wobei Bitcoin laut CoinGecko zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung dieses Artikels 4 % höher bei 47.100 $ gehandelt wird. BTC hat nun den höchsten Preis seit einer Woche erreicht und wird sowohl über dem 50-Tage- als auch dem 200-Tage-Gleitenden-Durchschnitt gehandelt, die erst vor wenigen Stunden ein goldenes Kreuz gebildet haben.

Ethereum, bei dem die Hash-Raten ein Allzeithoch erreicht haben, ist um 3,2 % gestiegen und notiert zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung dieses Berichts bei 3.400 $. ETH ist jedoch in der vergangenen Woche immer noch leicht gesunken und muss den Widerstand bei $3.500 durchbrechen, um weitere Gewinne zu verzeichnen.

Ist Bitcoin Profit seriös?

Bitcoin Profit wurde 2015 mit Hauptsitz in Menlo Park, Kalifornien, gegründet. Es verfügt über eine eigene Seite des Better Business Bureau (BBB), ist aber kein BBB-akkreditiertes Unternehmen. Es ist bei der US Securities and Exchange Commission registriert und Mitglied der Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) und der Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

Bitcoin Profit-Kunden sind bis zu 500.000 $ geschützt, einschließlich bis zu 250.000 $ in Barguthaben. Kryptowährungen sind von diesem Schutz ausgeschlossen, da sie keine Aktien sind.

Bitcoin Profit profitiert von der Zahlung für den Auftragsfluss

Bitcoin Profit mag sich selbst als provisionsfreie Plattform vermarkten, aber sie muss doch irgendwie Geld verdienen, oder? Schließlich handelt es sich um ein Unternehmen.

Bitcoin Profit profitiert von der Zahlung für den Auftragsfluss (PFOF). Dieser Prozess ermöglicht es Maklern, Kundenaufträge zur Ausführung an Market Maker weiterzuleiten. Diese Market Maker führen den Auftrag dann zu einem etwas besseren Preis aus, als der Anleger zu zahlen bereit war, und stecken die Differenz ein. Als Entschädigung erhalten Broker wie Bitcoin Profit vom Market Maker eine Zahlung als Dank für den Auftrag: eine Zahlung für den Auftragsfluss.

Bitcoin Profit ist nicht der einzige Makler, der von der Zahlung für den Auftragsfluss profitiert – das ist eine ziemlich gängige Praxis. Einige Broker wie Public haben sich jedoch vom PFOF-Modell abgewandt und sind zu alternativen – wohl transparenteren – Praktiken der Gewinnerzielung übergegangen, wie z. B. optionale Trinkgelder von Investoren.

Bitcoin Profit-Bewertungen sind überwiegend negativ

Insgesamt ist der Online-Ruf von Bitcoin Profit ziemlich negativ. Das Unternehmen hat in den letzten drei Jahren fast 1.300 offizielle BBB-Beschwerden gesammelt und erhält im Durchschnitt 1,22 von 5 Sternen auf der Grundlage von 130 Kundenrezensionen (Stand: März 2021). Auch die Trustpilot-Bewertung ist nicht viel besser – durchschnittlich 1 von 5 Sternen auf der Grundlage von 3.000 Bewertungen.

Viele der jüngsten Bewertungen erwähnen Ausfälle im Zusammenhang mit dem jüngsten Anstieg der Handelsaktivität – insbesondere die Beschränkungen für tendenziell geshortete Aktien, wie GameStop und AMC. Diese Ausfälle führten dazu, dass Bitcoin Profit-Anleger in ungünstigen Positionen feststeckten und nicht in der Lage waren, Trades auszuführen, was letztendlich zum Verlust von Kapital führte. Die Ausfälle führten auch zu mehreren Klagen und zogen die Kritik des Kongresses auf sich, was zu einer Anhörung des House Financial Services Committee führte, in der Demokraten dafür plädierten, Bitcoin Profits “Gamification” des Handels und die mangelnde Transparenz bei der Art und Weise, wie es von den Händlern profitiert, zu beenden.

Hat Bitcoin Profit seine Ausfälle hinter sich gelassen? Das ist schwer zu sagen, aber einer unserer Mitarbeiter, der Bitcoin Profit nutzt, sagt, dass er seitdem keine Probleme mehr mit der Plattform hatte.

Vor dem GameStop-Fiasko wurden in negativen Bewertungen der begrenzte Kundensupport von Bitcoin Profit und die Verzögerungen bei der Bargeldauszahlung bemängelt. Auf der anderen Seite lieben die Kunden den provisionsfreien Handel, die leicht zu erlernende Plattform und das kostenlose Aktienempfehlungsprogramm von Bitcoin Profit.

Insgesamt sind die Bewertungen der Bitcoin Profit-App recht positiv. Während die App bei Google Play nach 366.306 Bewertungen 1,7 von 5 Sternen hat, erhält sie im Apple App Store nach satten 3,2 Millionen Bewertungen eine beeindruckende Bewertung von 4 von 5 Sternen. Viele der jüngsten negativen Bewertungen auf Google Play und im Apple App Store verweisen auf die Ausfälle von Bitcoin Profit im Jahr 2020.