New Bitcoin forecast of USD 100,000 by crypto exchange Kraken

Dan Held, the growth manager of the US crypto exchange Kraken, made a positive statement about the Bitcoin (BTC) price in an interview . He also explained the correlation of Bitcoin with the stock market and showed the current greatest risk for the cryptocurrency.

In the interview , Held stated that he assumed that the US central banks would continue to “print” large amounts of US dollars even under Joe Biden’s presidency. That would drive up the price of Bitcoin Evolution, which is known to be limited to 21 million pieces. Held assumed that the king of cryptocurrencies would reach the mark of 100,000 US dollars per coin in 2021.

So he said:

Currently only 0.1 percent of the world (…) really believe in it [in Bitcoin]. What if it’s 10% in the future? (…) That changes course (…). I believe 2021 will see Bitcoin and gold dwarf everything else.

Why did Bitcoin crash with the stock market?

At the beginning of the corona crisis, share prices fell dramatically. To the amazement of many cryptoanalysts, who had previously always claimed that Bitcoin was a “safe haven” and did not correlate with the stock market, the Bitcoin price also fell at this time.

Dan Held explained in an interview that the market still sees Bitcoin as a risk asset. Bitcoin is not yet as recognized as gold and therefore more like a share. In addition, there was a liquidity crisis at the time of the price crash. In order to have money quickly available, many investors would have sold assets, including Bitcoin. That let the course sink quickly.

The greatest risk to Bitcoin

When asked by the moderator, Held saw “paperization” as the greatest risk for Bitcoin. According to this, large companies could buy up significant amounts of Bitcoin and simply keep them in their ecosystem. The bitcoins would then only circulate there. This in turn would mean that all of these transactions would no longer be recorded on the blockchain.

It said:

Large companies could decide that they are not interested in Bitcoin Layer-1 or Bitcoin’s settlement processes and that they only want to settle with each other. That makes it pretty scary.

But Held also states that he thinks the Bitcoin system is good and that, in his opinion, there is a very substantial reason to give up.